Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Technology has improved access control, taking security to another level. The main purpose of access control remains to allow authorized persons while restricting access to those unauthorized. Technology, however, has helped provide convenience and quick access, as well as, varying levels of security that we are unable to achieve with just a door lock.

Access Control Systems provide authorized controlled access to areas located within the interior of the building, such as specific floors or rooms, or your entire facility both interior and exterior. It can be set up to allow entry at specific times or days of the week. In addition, no more rekeying the entire office when a key is lost or the key holder is no longer authorized.

Access Control Systems are becoming more sophisticated. They can include custom-tailored reports based on your specific needs which can include, date and time ranges, specifically authorized persons, or locations. It can also include door status monitoring which can monitor when a door has been forced open or opened for too long. They can be managed from your computer at the office or over the Internet from your home office or smartphone.

At Merz, we understand that the needs of one business may vary from that of another and as such we tailor our Access Control Systems accordingly.

Keypad Entry With Keypad Entry, business owners are able to control who is allowed to enter or exit, as well as, where and when they can. Temporary access codes can be created which expire after a determined amount of time.

Proximity Readers: Proximity readers are most common and normally require the use of a card or key fob. Proximity Readers can control who is able to access different areas of your business, they can also be used to grant access to server cabinets, parking structures and more.

Fingerprint Readers: Fingerprint readers are quickly becoming a part of the standard for many of today’s businesses. With advanced features such as PIN and fingerprint combination access and dead man detection, this technology can be quite useful when properly deployed.

Simply speaking, access control provides physical security to your property. What may not be so simple, however, is the level (or levels) of access control your business may need. Our Technology Professionals will work with you directly on your physical security objectives. They will focus on your needs to safeguard personnel, information, equipment, IT infrastructure, facilities and all other company assets. From there, we work hand in hand with our crews to ensure your system is installed and functioning properly from the start.

At Merz, the goal of our Technology Solutions Division is to provide our clients with piece of mind, knowing their assets are protected.


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