Commercial Card Reader Access Control Systems in San Diego

Commercial Card Reader Access Systems in San Diego

Today, card readers for access control systems go beyond physical building access. Business assets such as inventory and equipment are now joined by data storage, intellectual property and intangible assets, trade secrets, and confidential information. Access control card reader systems can be integrated throughout your business allowing access to doors, server cabinets, network login; safeguarding all of your business assets.

Types of card readers available can vary based on your organization’s needs:

  • Proximity card readers: These are the most common form of a card reader. Proximity readers are mounted on a wall or door frame of the building or the room to which they provide access. When the card is scanned; it provides the holder access. This type of reader can have a scan radius of up to six inches. Contactless product technology readers feature an LED light and a buzzer to validate an authorized scan.
  • Barcode readers: These use infrared technology to read and approve a variety of different barcodes. Barcode readers are popular with inventory control and purchasing.
  • Magnetic stripe readers: These readers are mounted either horizontally or vertically next to the entry point and require cards to be swiped through the reader
  • Readers: Readers come in many sizes to accommodate structure.
  • Card Customization: Cards can be customized to have employees photo printed on them. They can also be ordered to be proprietary to your business so that nobody in the world can replicate your codes. Key Fobs and tags are most often used.

As technology continues to evolve, security options will develop and grow more specific in nature. At Merz, our Technology Solutions Division will work with you on your specific needs and help you choose the best card reader system for your business. We focus on safeguarding personnel, company information, equipment, IT infrastructure, facilities and all other company assets. From there, we work hand in hand with our crews to ensure your system is installed and functioning correctly from the start.

The access system for card readers typically resides on the clients network. The data network essentially is the “brains” of the building system. By empowering a business to own the network, this allows remote management by the administrator and installs a primary connection to the monitoring center. While Merz programs the alarm system, we also often work with the IT personnel to program and integrate the system into the client’s network.



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